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Work-related injuries to the upper extremities can be debilitating. Dr. Feldman helps Beverly Hills, CA, patients get the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment they need for overuse syndrome, repetitive trauma disorder and other injuries covered by workers' compensation.

Overuse Syndrome

What is overuse syndrome?

Sometimes called repetitive strain injury (RSI) or repetitive trauma, overuse syndrome refers to a painful condition that can develop anywhere in the arm or hand, but is most commonly associated with painful symptoms in the upper arm, forearm and elbow. It occurs when the soft tissues in these areas become inflamed and irritated due to repetitive motion, causing an increase in friction. Carpal and cubital tunnel syndromes and trigger finger are examples of localized overuse syndromes; often, the symptoms are more regionalized, occurring over the entire forearm or upper arm.

What are the symptoms of repetitive trauma disorder?

Early signs that a repetitive strain injury may be developing include soreness, discomfort or tingling in the neck, shoulders or arms, especially following a repetitive activity. As the condition progresses, the most common symptoms include:

  • numbness or tremors

  • difficulty with fine muscle movements

  • muscle fatigue or weakness

  • burning or aching pain that may radiate down the arm or hand

  • increased difficulty performing even simple, every day tasks

  • feeling of coldness in the fingertips and hands

How can Dr. Feldman help me support my workers' compensation claim?

Overuse injuries occur most commonly among office and factory workers who perform the same series of tasks repeatedly. Dr. Feldman has worked extensively with men and women who experience work-related overuse injuries and is familiar with the requirements of reporting to insurance companies on patient claims. Knowledgeable in the workers' compensation process in the state of California, he can help expedite the receipt of treatment for industrially related injuries.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

Dr. Feldman accepts most major insurance providers. For questions regarding your specific plan, please call your insurance provider.

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